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Donors to Utah Symphony | Utah Opera Endowment

Utah Symphony | Utah Opera is grateful to those donors who have made commitments to our Endowment Fund. The Endowment Fund is a vital resource that helps the long-term well-being & stability of USUO, & through its annual earnings, supports our Annual Fund. For further information, please contact 801-869-9015.

Gael Benson
Edward Ashwood & Candice Johnson
Estate of Alexander Bodi
The Elizabeth Brown Dee Fund for Music in the Schools
Lawrence T. & Janet T. Dee Foundation
Thomas & Candace Dee
Hearst Foundation
Roger & Susan Horn
The Right Reverend Carolyn Tanner Irish & Frederick Quinn
Edward & Barbara† Moreton
Estate of Pauline C. Pace
Perkins-Prothro Foundation
Kenneth† & Jerrie Randall
The Evelyn Rosenblatt Young Artist Award
Bill & Joanne Shiebler
James R. & Susan Swartz
Norman C. Tanner & Barbara L. Tanner Trust
O.C. Tanner Company
M. Walker & Sue Wallace

Gifts Made in Honor

Jan Bennett
Marie Nelson Bennett
Neill & Linda Brownstein
Adrienne Coombs
Anne & Ashby Decker
Peggy Chase Dreyfous
Paula Fowler
Kem Gardner
Burton & Elaine Gordon
Barbara Scowcroft & Ralph Matson
Mary Muir
Mrs. Barbara Nellestein
Matthew & Maria Proser
Pat Richards
Jim & Gail Riepe
Joanne & Bill Shiebler
Grant Gill Smith
Dale Strobel
Whittney Thomas
Jim & Zibby Tozer
J. Brian Whitesides

Gifts Made in Memory

Dennis Austin
Jay T. Ball
Dawn Ann Bailey
Donald Basinger
Betty Bristow
Robert H. Burgoyne, M.D.
Doris Macfarlane Corry
Kathie Dalton
Dr. James Drake
Robert Ehrlich
William K. Evans Jr.
Leah Burrows Felt
Loraine L. Felton
Crawford Gates
Lowell P. Hicks
Jamila Janata
Dr. Gary B. Kitching M.D.
Harry Lakin
Andrea Lane
Julia Lawrence
Frank & Maxine McIntyre
Warren K. (Sandy) McOmber
Clyde Dennis Meadows
Dr. Richard George Middleton
Mary Muir
Mary E. Nelson
Jack Newton
Richard Perkins
Glade & Mardean Peterson
Rhoda Ramsey
Richard Reiser
Norman B. Ross
Shirley Corbett Russell
J. Ryan Selberg
Venice Shields
Ann O'Neill Shigeoka, M.D.
Phillis "Philly" Sims
Robert C. Sloan
Dorotha Smart
Barbara Tanner
Maxine Winn

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